Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Unique
Thistle Dew 
Dessert Theatre
and the members of
Sacramento's Original Playwright's Workshop:
1901 P Street, Sacramento, CA
for our "Poems, Pie and Prose Program".
We invite you to come join the fun every Saturday morning at 10:00.
Because workshopping is not an easy process, we need your expertise
and your many talented voices to create and organize

Writer's Workshop for
Playwrights, Poets, & Novelists.

Our Workshop is often defined by what it is not: It does not require script memorization, props, costumes, or sets. All of what it is "not" makes our workshop a wonderful experience for the actors/readers and especially the audience. Space and time can be shrunk or stretched, fantastic worlds can be created, marvelous journeys can be enacted. The Thistle Dew Playwright's Workshop provides a laboratory setting for writers, actors and audiences to explore the limits of the creative expression, presentation and interpretation of a unique art form: playwriting. Our Workshop frees the performers and the audience from the physical limitations of conventional theater, letting the imagination soar. By one definition our workshop is a discussion group. By another, it is a factory. According to most lexicons it is a process by which a dramatic or comedic play is read, and by means of improvisation and intensive group discussion, aspects of the production, are explored 
before formal rehearsals and final staging begin.  To accomplish this we need seasoned actors, voice over specialists and readers to read, critique and present our plays, poems, novels, et cetera.  We have many dialogues requiring different voices, accents, et cetera.
We may even convince you that you can write a monologue or a poem! 
Even a three minute play!
You could be a part of a fun group.  Come, enjoy the magic of Theater in the making!
457-6286, or

See you at the Thistle Dew Theatre, 1901 P Street, Downtown Sacramento,
Saturday morning at ten o'clock!
If you live in another part of the world and can't make our meetings, email your piece to: .
Thank you!

From Tom and the members of the

Thistle Dew Playwrights' Workshop

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thistle Dew 
Playwrights Workshop
Readers needed for Play Readings
Saturday mornings at 10:00
If you would like to read new plays or if you have a play or monologue to be read and critiqued by the workshop, 
email Tom at  .
Prepare to bring sufficient copies for each of your characters + one for stage directions reader.
Thistle Dew &
 Super PAC  Auditions
Saturday mornings at 10:00.
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"Click" on them and "voila", "ta-da" and "presto" 
there we are.
If you have any problems give us a call 457-6286.
ThanksTom and Ellie