Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Unique & Innovative
Thistle Dew Dessert Theatre 
E-Newsletter: November 7, 2013 

Item One: A Special presentation: November 8 & 9, 2013 
The Natomas Charter School Students of the Performing & Fine Arts Academy
Nicci Justice's Senior Entertainment Project
Friday, November 8 at 7:00pm & 
Saturday afternoon, November 9 at 2:00pm
Here at the 'Dew'
Your $10.00 Ticket always includes 
Your choice of luscious desserts, Sacramento's best coffee and a large selection of Tea
At the Thistle Dew Dessert Theatre

Item Two: November 9, 2013 
KTDT-DRama-dy & the KTDT Players

Present a Radio Studio Theatre production of Jeanne Beckwith's "Opportunity of a Lifetime"
Directed by Tory Scroggins
Featuring Our KTDT Players
Ted has arrived on the island residence of Mr. Solomon
to be interviewed for a job he desperately needs; however, as the interview progresses and he becomes acquainted with the bizarre residents of the island, he becomes increasingly aware that something is not quite right on the island, 
and concludes that he doesn’t need this job.   The problem?  The job needs him

Come, be a part of an Original Thistle Dew Dessert Theatre radio/stage production.  
Be a part of the live studio audience and enjoy the fun of creating a radio comedy as
KTDT-DRama-dy records for Internet Digital Streaming on it's blog-site

PRE-Production radio/stage performance schedule:

You are invited to FREE! OPEN REHEARSAL 
SECOND SATURDAY ART WALK:  Saturday, November 9 at 7:00  Presentation of Jeanne Beckwith's  "Opportunity of a Lifetime" 

From Apple Hill Growers Association Bakers


If you attend THIS OPEN REHEARSAL SECOND SATURDAY, you can SEE the full production of "Opportunity of a Lifetime" AGAIN for only $5.00during it's General Production Schedule!  AND enjoy your choice of several Luscious Desserts, including Apple Hill pies, the best Coffee in Sacramento and a selection of fine Teas.   
Such a deal, Aunt Gertie! 
General Admission Tickets: NOW! $15.00

Box Office 457-6286 or 
With your ticket purchase you become a Lifetime Sponsor of KTDT-DRama-dy &/or KWOS Kids Digital Radio Theatre

Item Three: ANY Monday OR Thursday between 7 - 9 
OR  Saturday between 1 - 4

The Unique and Innovative Thistle Dew Dessert Theatre & 
KTDT-DRama-dy is bringing the Vaudeville Variety/Comedy/Drama/Farce 
“Frankie and Johnny Were Schweethawts” 
by Thomas M. Kelly to the 
(39 Comfortable Seats)

The Play:  The finest local speakeasy in Sacramento, "Johnny's"... next to a handy hotel... next to a convenient and cheap pawn shop... next to ....  a... hanging... gallows?  Johnny needs Stage Actors.... Voice Over Actors.... For his "Vaudeville Show of Shows".  Come Aboard the Thistle Dew River Boat en route to any river town, be it Sacramento,... St. Louis,... Astoria, Oregon... or Muscatine, Iowa.  Johnny needs hazy harlots, floozies, dandies and fancies to sing, dance, brawl in his dime-a-dance haunt honky-tonk hook-shop hotel.
Johnny: dandy dressed pimp, not to be trusted.
Frankie: one of "Ma's girls", fancy showgirl dress, sucker for 'Johnny' types.
Madam ("Ma"): , Johnny's mother, runs a brothel next door to his speakeasy.
Bartender: street wise, friend to all until you cross him, typical 1920's costume. 
Sheriff: greasy, capable of anything legal or not, typical sheriff's costume.
Pianoplayer: fancy white shirt, straw hat, red vested showman.
Prizefighter: gym tights, wife beater t-shirt, typical drunk, seeking bar fights.
Nelly Bly: a drunken chippy, one of 'Ma's girls', fancy showgirl dress.
Lila: a drunken chippy, one of 'Ma's girls', fancy showgirl dress. 
EMAIL TOM @ for more info

Item Four: every Tuesday 7:30 - 10pm
Come have fun with us at this drop-in class from 7:30 - 10pm every Tuesday at the Mosaic Acting Academy Studio in Rancho Cordova.   
Improvisation is one of the two most important audition skills an actor can develop.  It helps you to think quickly, concentrate, increase mental agility, eliminate "brain freeze" and learn to take risks.  It is a skill that absolutely must be learned, and it's fun! No previous experience required ... This workshop focuses on fun and laughter!

Tuition: Ten Bucks.... Cash.  Cheap Therapy!
For even cheaper therapy.... FIVE sessions per month for just $25.00. 
If you plan to attend and/or need directions, E-mail Charlie at: 

Item Five:  Wednesday, November 13..... IT’S HUMP DAY!!!
Our First Ever Character Voice Open Mic Contest!
Here’s your chance to showcase your 
Characters, Impressions, Dialects and Animation voices!
Just like performing for Sacramento's own KTDT DIGITAL RADIO You can read off your script!   No memorization required!
Here’s how the Competition will work….
HOUR ONE: 7-8pm   Rehearsal
Each contestant will get the opportunity to rehearse “Behind the Microphone”
Each contestant has a :60 time limit to perform characters, impressions, accents and animation voices.  Anything Goes!
Everyone receives a practice take with coaching.

3 Professional Media Judges arrive.
Everyone will receive “one take” behind the microphone and be recorded.
Judges will not comment on performances until after the competition is complete.
Judging will be based on:  Interpretation, Technical Skills and Style.
First Place:  Evaluation/Consultation at Nakamoto Productions. $85 value.
apply $100 to a Killer Demo or Animation/Character Demo

This is just like a local American Idol for Character Voices 
but…. “A Lot More Fun!!!”

When: Wednesday, November 13th, 7-9pm
Where: Thistle Dew Dessert Theater, 19th and P Streets, Sacramento
Entry Fee: $25.00

Or… How to voice in the style of Don LaFontaine
For men AND WOMEN!!!
Retail, Audio Books, Narrations, Soft Sell, Image, and virtually every genre of voice work!
Master this delivery and you can be in demand!!!!
Your Instructor: Jason Spyres
Jason attended our Movie Trailer Workshop taught by Don LaFontaine’s mentor, Don Morrow.
Jason was the only voice talent who mastered the Don LaFontaine
Style of announcing in that workshop.
Don’t believe me?
Take a listen for yourself:
The Movie Trailer delivery can transcend every genre of voice-over!  Listen to Kathleen Turner, Allison Janney of the Kaiser “Thrive” spots, leading men and women actors, documentary narrators, promo announcers and the list goes on.

TUITION:  Wow-- only $50.00!
RESERVATIONS AND DIRECTIONS:  916-361-0952  You may also register by sending your check for $50.00  to Mosaic Acting, PO Box 1142, Rancho Cordova CA 95741-1142.


Item Six:
Become a Lifetime Sponsor of  KTDT-DRama-dy: 
KWOS Kids Digital Radio Theatre: 
for just $12.00ea.

Item Seven: Every Saturday morning
The Thistle Dew Playwright &
Radio Play Workshop 
The doors will open Saturday mornings at 9:49... on the dot. 
The Terrible Trouble & Turbulence of playwriting will begin at 10:00!

If you have a play in the works?   Bring it!  We'll read it!  We'll critique it!

AUDITIONS for KTDT Thistle Dew Digital Radio Theatre are every time we meet: Saturday from 1:00 - 4:00, Children and Adults
Monday from 7pm - 9pm, Adults
Thursday from 7pm - 9pm, Adults.

Thank you!
Tom, Ellie and the KTDT Players

Check out and "Like" the YouTube video for our upcoming production of "Opportunity of  a Lifetime", directed by Tory Scroggins.  

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Listen and/or watch "The Legend of Little Lump"

The Uniquely Innovative
Thistle Dew Dessert Theatre & 

Presents the Inauguration of KTDT-DRama-dy 
Radio Studio Theatre with the production of

An Hilarious Radio/Stage Adult Comedy by Jeff Folschinsky
"The Legend
  of Little Lump"
Watch & listen as the crew/cast create a radio comedy... with sound effects and stage antics of the citizens of Little Lump, Texas. 

KTDT-DRama-dy presents the 
Thistle Dew Dessert Theatre stage production 
here (below) and on it's blog-site   
Featuring:  BJ Nash, John Logsdon, Ronn Darwin, 
Pamela Finney, Salvador Turrubiartes, Stanley Nash, 
LaVone Dyer, Natatlie Newman Tory Scroggins & Nathan Marlow.  

Be a part of history in the re-making! 
Become a member of the live theatre audience!
Performance schedule: 
Opening Night Friday, September 6 at 7:00,
Saturday, September 7 at 7:00,
Sunday Matinee, September 8, at 2:00,
Friday, September 13, at 7:00, 
Saturday, September 14 at 7:00 and
Closing Matinee, Sunday, September 15th at 2:00.

Tickets: $30.00, includes Luscious Desserts, 
Coffee & Tea

Seating is limited, therefore 
Reservations are required!

Telephone 457-6286 Or e-Mail Tom at

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Put your monologue or play on the radio!

FREE Audio Streaming Opportunity 
Thistle Dew Digital Radio Theatre, KTDT-DR needs Playwrights with Self - Produced Audio (.mp3) of their;
  • One, two, and three minute monologues, and/or
  • Ten minute two character plays, and/or
  • Fifteen minute 3 - 5 character plays, and/or
  • Thirty minute 2 - 5 character plays.  
Gather your fellow playwrights, actors, friends, relatives, neighbors for readings.  
Record them.  Submit them.
All submissions are subject to the approval of Thomas M. Kelly, 
Artistic Director, Thistle Dew Theatre and KTDT-Digital Radio.
All Self - Produced Audio submissions must conform to Family Radio "Standards of Decency":

and to the KTDT-DR content policies, including but not limited to the following (remembering that this is family radio);
  1. No overt perverse sexual behavior, 
  2. No bathroom humor,
  3. No foul language,
  4. No pornography,
  5. No abusive, prejudicial or disparaging language against any race or minority,
  6. No sex, child, or adult abuse.
  7. No copyrighted music, (your un-copyrighted music is permitted, see sample on blog.*)
  8. All submissions must be accompanied by script in .doc format subject to Grammarly plagiarism check.  See.....

For sample format, (i.e.: introduction, credit(s), et cetera.).  visit audio streams at.........      
Submit .mp3 only (No cds) and script, to
Playwright maintains full rights to their submissions except for streaming permit to KTDT-DR:  Submissions to KTDT-DR are for the sole purpose of KTDT-DR streaming.

Submissions fully produced, compliant with the above content policies and ready for radio streaming, will stream for a duration of one month (30 days) FREE.  The fee/charge beyond one month is a limited time offer of $12.00 per six month period, paid in advance, upon submission, via PayPal, found on the KTDT-DR blog:  

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Rules for engagement!

The Thistle Dew Theatre seeks plays for our Stage and 
our Digital Radio 


Call for play submissions: 
monologues, short plays, one act or full-length plays 
for stage and radio. 

Rules for engagement: 
   Your play can be either a comedy or a drama. 
✍   Your play calls for one (1) to six (6) characters. 
  Your play exhibits freshness, sufficient conflict and engaging text. 
  Your play must be production ready. (Has it been workshopped?)
  Your play is in simple standard format, 14pt. Times or Times Roman font. 
"JANE:  (Interrupts.)
I prefer my script writing format: KISS."
  Your complete play is in .doc format or .pages with numbered pages.
  Page One: Your Title, contact information and 200 word biography. 
✍   Page Two: Your Character breakdown and 300 word synopsis. 
   The subject line of your email submission to reads 
"TDDT Play Submission".
  There is no submission fee. 
  The deadline for submissions is August 31, 2013. 
  Address your queries to Tom at

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Welcome to the Unique Thistle Dew Internet Theatre.

In Thirds, by Jacob Appel, three sisters inherit their mother's house. 
The problem is that the daughters cannot agree on how to divide the estate.  
When one of the sisters begins to build a brick wall to claim her third of the house, it's clear a decision must be made before the mortar dries.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Welcome to the Thistle Dew Theatre Blog!

Laura Sheperd wrote, costumed and produced her play
"Chicken Little's Christmas Party"
It was presented at the Thistle Dew Theatre in 2011.  
I am finally getting around to find the time to join the modern day by 
presenting part of the play here.
I hope you enjoy watching 
April Maylene, Scarlett O'Connor, Stephanie Smith, 
Brandon Neal and Dan Salamone
in this stupendously fantastic romp.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Thistle Dew Playwright Workshop and Reading Group.
Calling all playwrights and wanna-bees!

Sacramento's Original Playwrights Workshop meets every Saturday morning at 10:00.

The workshop members and the owners of The Thistle Dew, Tom and Ellie, are dedicated to support playwrights and making the Thistle Dew Theatre available for production of their original works. 

Jump into the critique fray or listen quietly.... until your passions rise and you feel compelled to join the mêlée.  

Several people who have joined the group, experienced the process and returned with their own play have had it produced here at 'the Dew':
Timothy Cahill, “The Seduction of Thomas Sorrell” and “Going to Tibet”, Laura Sheperd, “Annie's Story”, "Last Resort Trailer Park" and "Chicken Little's Christmas Party", Julie Greene, “Going Somewhere?”, Thomas M. Kelly, “Ba-Bang!” (or The End of an Error!), “The Timekeeper”, “The Butterfly Within” and “Extreme Unction”.

The Thistle Dew Dessert Theatre has been in the forefront as a one-of-a-kind source for new thinking about the stage and theatre in the Sacramento region.

Theatre is an art form which sometimes requires the art of working with someone to produce or create.  You are that someone.  There are many playwrights who want and need your creative assistance and approval. Consider this their cordial invitation to you to become a part of this vibrant group of artists and continue to enjoy the benefits of theatre.

Workshopping a play is not an easy process.  By one definition it is a factory.  By another it is a discussion group.  According to most lexicons it is a process by which a dramatic work is read and then by means of improvisation or intensive group discussion, aspects of the production, before formal rehearsals and final staging begin, are explored. 

After we have fully workshopped their plays we offer local playwrights the opportunity to have their plays performed on the Thistle Dew stage at no cost to the playwright. 

At the Thistle Dew it is a combination of all of the above except we take this process one step further when the play is set for production:  The director conducts hours of 'table talk' with the cast in order to bring out every attribute of each character: their 'back stories', their favorite colors, why they chose their lifestyle, etc.  This is the last step in the 'growing process' of the plays development in which the director forces the play to undergo before it is ready for rehearsals and production.

The Production Experience at the Thistle Dew by Tim Cahill.
"You've written a play. Whether with pencil and paper or on a computer screen, you have found your plot, shaped your characters and created your scenes. You've work-shopped it once, or twice, or forty times. You've basked in the praise of your cohorts and cringed at their criticisms, but they made the play better.
Then the Artistic Director tells you your play will "go up". It will be produced. You suddenly feel like a real playwright.
The Artistic Director controls the show. He picks the director and oversees the auditions. You go to the rehearsals, not because you have to but because you need to. When the cast is formed and starts to rehearse, you're amazed at how hard they work. They learn your lines and they create your characters. Each actor's unique talent reveals to you who your characters are for the first time, even though you wrote the words.
That is, if they don't change the words. Any changes have to be approved by the playwright. It's your play. Failure to control its content can lead to disaster and a miserable experience; acceptance of suggested changes may make it better. It's your call. And then, opening night. Wow! You pray the audience will love your play or, at least, like it. You look at their faces for any sign, any signal of acceptance or disapproval. And when the run is over you thank the actors and the director and you're thrilled. The next day you write another play."

Local Playwrights Published from the Thistle Dew Playwrights Workshop: Timothy Cahill (JAC), Julie Greene (JAC), Paul Hauck (JAC), Thomas M. Kelly (JAC, Kindle/Amazon, Barnes & Noble NOOK, SmashWords, CreateSpace/Amazon book self-publishing), Charles McIntosh (JAC) and Laura Sheperd (JAC).

Local Playwrights Produced At The Thistle Dew Theatre: 
(Full-Length Plays) Timothy Cahill, Julie Greene, Paul Hauck, Thomas M. Kelly, Leo McElroy, Charles McIntosh, Laura Sheperd, Donya Wicken.
Local Playwrights Produced At The Thistle Dew Theatre: (Monologues) Gladys Acosta, Timothy Cahill, Charley Cross, Theresa Elliot, Mark Fejta, Bernie Goldberg, Julie Greene, Eugene Griffith, Cindi Bennett, Frank Ingram, Gloria Jones, Thomas M. Kelly, Charles Kelso, Roger Linder, Laura Sheperd, Donya Wicken, Susan Webster and Jeff Webster.

Contact Tom at  if you have a play you'd like critiqued.

Thistle Dew Theatre is located at 1901 P St in midtown Sacramento.

Readers are needed for the Thistle Dew Playwrights Workshop which meets every Saturday morning at 10:00.  Auditions for future productions at held at the same time.  
If you would like to read and critique new plays or if you have a play or monologue to be read and critiqued by the workshop, email Tom at   .  
Bring one copy for each of your characters plus a copy for stage directions reader.  

Tom has created informative and highly successful 'blogs' to capture your interest and to tell you what is going on at the "Dew":

The Thistle Dew Theatre:

Thistle Dew Theatre Playwright Workshop

Social and Political Comment "Word on the Street":

Playwrights and Their plays

Super PAC: Political Action Comedy:

The (almost) Complete Play Works of Thomas M. Kelly:

The Thistle Dew Center For Literary Art: Poetry and Narrative Inquiry:
KTDT: Sacramento's Original Thistle Dew Digital Radio Theatre

"Click" on them and "voila",... "ta-da",... and "presto" there you are.  

If you have any problems or any questions, give Tom a call AT OUR NEW BOX OFFICE NUMBER: 1-916-457-6286.