Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Unique  & Always InnovativeThistle Dew Theatre &  KTDT Digital Radio   
1901 P Street, Downtown Sacramento 


Item one:

   "The Theory of Silence" performance schedule:
Saturday,  May 31, at 7:00, 
Saturday,  June 1, at 7:00, 
Saturday,  June 7, at 7:00,
Sunday,     June  8, at 2:00, 
Saturday, June 14, at 7:00,
Sunday,     June 15 at 2:00. 
"The Theory of Silence" from the playwrights of Eclectic Voices: Jeff Folschinsky, Sean Kozma, and Chelsea Sutton.What happened to the Johnson family? One night they disappeared..., without a trace? "The Theory of Silence" is pushing the envelope, breaking out of the box and into original concept theatre: The Monologue Play: perfect for KTDT Digital Radio's New Stage!

Featuring members of the world famous KTDT Digital Radio Players, including Darryl Morton, Michelle Blaisure, Pamela Finney, John Logsdon, Janine Romney, Salvador Turrubiartes, Judy Geduldig, Mark Nemmers, Barbara Kokonas & Michael Bromberg. 
Tickets are $10.00 includes choice of luscious desserts, coffee and tea!  Yes! 
Tickets by Reservation Only (BEST): tddtheatre@aol.com .Or 457-6286 

Item two:

Become a member of the KTDT Radio Players ---We are a radio/stage group that produces not only original plays but we have the blessing of not having the burden of memorizing lines or stage blocking, because we are a Radio Stage: we read the Radio Plays from hand carried scripts.   If you are good at interpretive reading, enjoy good story telling and great fun, come join our group.   If you want to find new and interesting friends, who are supportive of you in your efforts to diversify your existence, enhance your life, show off to friends and family, et cetera... come join our radio players  and be a part of our radio.   (Yes, our radio, a real more than life-size radio!)  It's fun, rewarding, educational and life enhancing.   Come... gather your friends and family to listen and watch while you rule their imaginations with your talents by reading original plays for KTDT Digital Radio.  If you are curious as to what we do and how we operate so casually, stop by any Monday or Thursday evening at 7:00 or Saturday afternoon from 1 - 4.  And maybe even start writing a Radio Play while you're here! 

Item three:

"Comedy in the Orchestra Pit" of the world famous Thistle Dew Dessert Theatre with The in-FIRM-ary: a group of talented stand-up comediens including
Johnny Taylor, Mike Patton, Daniel Humbarger, Jaime Fernandez, Stephen, Fury, Alphonso Portela.... 
Only at "The Dew"! 

Item four:  Back by Popular Demand!


When:  Saturday May 31, 10am-1pm 
Where:  Thistle Dew Theater 19th and Pst, Sacramento

Item five:


☞  Radio Playwright Class  ☜ 
"La-a-a-a-die-e-e-e-es and Gentlemen!  You can 'Return with us now... to those thrilling days of yesteryear when imagination ruled the airwaves and the family gathered in the living room to listen to the drama, the comedy, the talent of Major Bowes Amateur Hour, the CBS Radio Mystery Theatre, The Green Hornet, The Lone Ranger, The Jack Benny Show, 'The Shadow knows...', The Arthur Godfrey Show, et cetera, and now,... KTDT Digital Radio."  
Your friends and family could be listening to your radio adult or children's drama or comedy as performed by our own KTDT Players.  Yes!   If  you would like to write for radio, join our Saturday morning KTDT Radio Playwright Group.  The cost is $10.00 per each three-hour session.   
1.   When you agree to become a member of our KTDT Digital Radio Playwright Group, 
2.   you submit your work to constructive criticism, 
3.   believe in my playwright rule, "writing is re-writing", 
4.   make a commitment to adhere to the concept of playwright/actor collaboration, and 
5.   dedicate quality time to the art of playwriting to write a credible radio play. 
When your Radio Play is ready, "credible", it will be produced on our KTDT Digital Radio Stage.Your Radio Production will then be streamed on our KTDT Digital Radio Blog Site:   http://ktdtdigitalradiotheatre.blogspot.com/.
Attendance for the Saturday morning sessions are small, (I can even teach you the art of playwriting via the internet and PayPal) maximum six members to allow the writers to focus on the practical aspects of dramatic and comedic writing.
KTDT Digital Radio produces only original scripts.  
If you have a script ready for reading and critique, please submit it to Tom at  tddtheatre@aol.com  .
My Mission: "How do words on the page become a living, breathing theatrical experience?   The goal of the Radio Playwright Group is to crack open the germ of the writer's words and to dissect it: tear it apart.  One of the best ways to investigate, discover, and analyze text is the dramatist/director's table talk session held prior to a good  play's rehearsals.   By taking the text into their hands, actors explore the elements of the writer's drama to discover characters, conflicts, chaos and confusions.  Borrowing this technique through readings and critique we will explore your work and challenge you to find a closer, more integrated and lively relationship to your narrative and dialogue.   As a writer, you will discover how your writing is best able to convey action, character essence, concept gist and conflict.   At the end of your encounter with this analytic process, as you are now a writer of vocal action, you will have created your own original writings, impulses, inspirations, dreams and visions.   Do you have a story to tell?"    

Please email me at    tddtheatre@aol.com    for your reservation for a seat at the KTDT Radio Playwright Group table.

Thank you.

Tom, Ellie and the KTDT Players